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Magento: Shipping / Free Shipping / Real-Time Carriers
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12th of December, 2014

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The first step in configuring shipping options is the origin address and global options.

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings


(click to enlarge)

On the above screen, set the address from which your shipments will originate.  Also, choose options for allowing multiple shipping addresses on a single order and maximum quantity allowed when shipping to multiple addresses.

The next step is to configure one or more shipping methods.

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods

On this screen,  you will have the option of enabling one or more shipping methods, including:

Flat Rate

Flat Rate shipping can be applied at the order level or per item.  Additionally, the amount can be set as a fixed $ amount or a % of the item/order.


Table-based shipping methods allow for the following:

  • Weight versus Destination
  • Price versus Destination
  • # of Items versus Destination

This article provides a detailed overview of the setup process and requirements:


Free Shipping

The Free Shipping option can be used with any of the Real-Time carriers in Magento. Note that once you have enabled Free Shipping, you must set the appropriate method and minimum amount within each real-time carriers configuration.

This article provides a detailed overview of the setup process and requirements:


Real-Time (UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL)

Magento has detailed, step by step instructions for setting up each of the real-time shipping methods.





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