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Bing Cashback Pixel Tracking with ShopSite
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5th of November, 2009

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Bing Cashback is a Microsoft comparison-shopping engine that enables you to offer direct cashback incentives to potential customers searching for products that you sell. Since the cashback incentive would only be applied for customers arriving at your site through Bing who actually purchase the product, Bing uses a Cost-Per-Acquisition (or cost-per-conversion) model (as compared to a Cost-Per-Click model, such as Google Adwords).

More information on the Bing Cashback program can be found at:

Bing Cashback Shopping purchases can be identified through ShopSite using a 1 pixel by 1 pixel image on your Thank You page that will pass all appropriate purchase information back to Bing. In order to implement tracking, you will need to add the Bing tracking code to your Thank You page by going to Commerce Setup->Order System->Thank You in your backoffice, then entering the following javascript code into the "Text at the bottom of the Thank You screen:" box:

<!–Begin cashback Tracking Pixel Code -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
var jf_merchant_order_num = ss_ordernum;
var jf_purchased_items = new Array();
// adding cart items
// add cart item
for (var p = 0 ; p < number_products; p++){
  var jf_item = new Object();
  jf_item.mpi = ss_sku[p];
  jf_item.price = ss_price[p];
  jf_item.quantity = ss_quantity[p];
  jf_purchased_items.push (jf_item);
<script type='text/javascript' src='https://ssl.bing.com/cashback/javascripts/1x1tracking.js'>
<!--End Cashback Tracking Pixel Code -->

Make sure you replace the "[YOUR_CASHBACK_SHOPPING_HASHED_MERCHANT_ID]" placeholder with your actual Bing Merchant ID, then save the changes.

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