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Performing a Traceroute in Windows
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5th of June, 2008

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A traceroute traces the path from your computer to your website, showing the routers the data passes through. On Windows computers, this can be done by clicking on:

Start -> Run
type: command or cmd

NOTE: Vista users may not see the run command in the "Start" menu; however, you should be able to access the run command by holding down Windows Key (between Ctrl and Alt) and the 'R' key.

type: tracert your_domain.com

Then, email us the results of the trace and we will be able to tell you where your breakdown is occurring. If copy & paste are not enabled you will want to right click the mouse on the blue bar of your dos/command window and edit -> select all -> copy. You can also download a free traceroute program at:

If you need information on performing a traceroute on a Mac, reference:

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