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My site appears to be down / inaccessible, what should I do?
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19th of September, 2008

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If you are having trouble pulling up your website or connecting to it via FTP, here are a few suggestions to find out the cause of the problem:

1. Go to our Network Status page at http://www.lexiconn.com/status to check the status of your site. This will let you know if we are experiencing any network issues that might be causing your problem. If a network issue takes our server offline, network status information and updates can be found at http://www.lexiconnstatus.com/

2. Check to see if your domain is expired with your registrar. If your domain name has expired, you will receive a page cannot be displayed / site not found error. Also make sure that your nameservers are set to LexiConn's (ns.serverhost.net, ns2.serverhost.net and ns3.serverhost.net), otherwise your domain name will not resolve to our servers.

If you are not able to receive a result from this search, please try to check your domain status at:

3. Check to see if you can pull up http://www.yahoo.com/ or http://www.google.com

If you cannot reach Yahoo or Google, then your internet connection is likely the cause here. If you can reach Google and Yahoo, but not LexiConn and/or your website, and nothing is noted on our status page, then your ISP is likely having problems reaching our network. The next two suggestions will help you isolate the problem even further.

4. Check to see if various locations worldwide can reach your site. Two websites that provide a quick check/test of your website being accessible are:

5. Perform a traceroute. A traceroute traces the path from your computer to your website, showing the routers the data passes through. On Windows computers, this can be done by clicking on:

Start -> Run

type: command or cmd

NOTE: Vista users may not see the run command in the "Start" menu; however, you should be able to access the run command by holding down Windows Key (between Ctrl and Alt) and the 'R' key.

type: tracert your_domain.com

Then, email us the results of the trace and we will be able to tell you where your breakdown is occurring. If copy & paste are not enabled you will want to right click the mouse on the blue bar of your dos/command window and edit -> select all -> copy. You can also download a free traceroute program at:

If you need information on performing a traceroute on a Mac, reference:

6. There is a chance that your IP address has been blocked by our firewall for too many unsuccessful login attempts. If you think this might be the case, contact us at support@lexiconn.com and make sure you include the IP address of the computer you are having problems with.

If you have difficulty finding your IP Address here you can check at http://whatismyip.com
If you are still experiencing problems and cannot figure out the cause, or are having trouble interpreting results, always feel free to email or call LexiConn.

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