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Configuring WS_FTP Home
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29th of May, 2008

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This tutorial will walk you through the steps, one at a time, for configuring WS_FTP to transfer files (such as web pages and graphics) to and from your account at LexiConn via FTP. This is assuming you have not installed WS_FTP yet. When you first install the program, a wizard comes up on the screen asking you for connection options. Here are the steps detailing what to enter in to the wizard, one by one.

1. Click the "Tools" menu at the top and select "Site Manager...". This will open the Connection Wizard.

2. Click the "Create Site..." button. This will open the Connection Wizard where you will need to enter the settings for your FTP account.

1.3.Click "Next".

2.4. Where it says "Site Name:", enter anything that will help you associate this FTP site with your account at LexiConn. Here we have entered "My FTP Site" as an example. You could replace this with your company name or domain name. Click "Next".

3.5.Where it says "Server Address:", enter ftp.your_domain.com (replacing your_domain.com with your actual domain name). Click "Next".

4.6. Where it says "User Name:", enter your main account username. This is usually your domain name without the .com. Where it says "Password:", enter your main account password. Click "Next".

5.7. Where it says "Connection Type:", keep "FTP" selected. Click "Next".

6.8. Click "Finish".

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