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How to configure FrontPage 2002 to publish to your LexiConn account
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21st of May, 2008

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You must have FrontPage extensions enabled for your account.

1. Open the web (site) you wish to publish to the LexiConn server.

2. To publish this site, click the "File" menu at the top left of the program and select "Publish Web...". This will open up a window where you must specify the destination to which you will be publishing.

3. Where it says "Enter publish destination:", enter http://your_domain.com/ (replacing your_domain.com with your domain name). If your domain name is not yet available, you will need to use the temporary IP or temporary hostname which was provided to you in the setup E-Mail after your account was first activated. If you will be using the IP, be sure to begin with http:// (i.e. Click "OK".

4. A screen will come up asking you for your main account username and password. Where it says "User Name", enter your main account username. This is usually your domain name without the .com. Where it says "Password", enter your main account password. Check the box next to where it says "Save this password in your password list". Click "OK". This will bring you to the remote location on the server where you will be publishing your web site.

5. In this window, the local files will be displayed in the box on the left side and the remote files (on the LexiConn server) will be in the box on the right. Move in to your www directory on the remote side. Once there, you may drag and drop files from the local side to the remote side to publish them. Once you have moved all of the files you need to move, click "Publish".

To see a Flash tutorial detailing how to configure FrontPage 2002, go to http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/frontp_publish_http.htm.

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