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How to create a sub web in Frontpage
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21st of May, 2008

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To create a sub web in Microsoft Frontpage 2000 or 2002:

1. Open your FrontPage Web

2. Create a folder that has the name of your web
(Note: NO SPACES ALLOWED, SPACES WILL DAMAGE YOUR WEB SITE! Use numbers, letters and underscores "_" only.)

3. Place any files you want in your sub web in the folder, or leave it empty.

4. Right - Click on the folder and choose "Convert to Web" off the list

5. Wait for FrontPage to finish working (it may take a minute or two)

A folder with a little "earth symbol" will appear in your web site.

To access your sub web:

You can open the web site, then double click on the sub web folder.

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