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  1. questionUpgrading WordPress, Installing Plugins and Themes
    Upgrading your Wordpress Blog When a Wordpress update is available, you will notice an update link appears at the top of the screen when logging in as the Administrator. To install this upgrade, simply click on the link. This will bring you to a page where you enter your Hostname (usually this ...

  2. questionHow to combat comment spam in your blog.
    Comment spam is a regular occurrence in blogs. Typically, spammers will insert their website links into your blog in an effort to create as many external links as possible, which in turn can increase their search engine positioning. If you are using the WordPress blog software that we offer, th ...

  3. questionMy Permalinks are not working in WordPress?
    If you enable "pretty" permalinks in WordPress, you also have to put a .htaccess file in place in the wordpress folder for these SEO friendly URLs to work correctly. If your wordpress blog is installed in the "blog" sub-directory for example, the .htaccess file would contain: # BEGIN WordPress ...

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