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  1. questionWhere Can I Find More CGI Scripts To Use On My Site?
    Hotscripts.com is a great site with thousands of CGI scripts written in Perl and PHP that can be installed in your account.

  2. questionCan I use cron entries with my account?
    If you need access to setup a cronjob entry, please email letting us know that you need access to cron and the reason for this service. We will then activate cron access for your account.

  3. questionWhy can't I view HTML files in my cgi-bin directory?
    You cannot view HTML files from within your cgi-bin directory. You will need to place your .html files (as well as images) in your "www" directory (or some other directory below www) instead. Only CGI scripts may be executed from within your cgi-bin. One other solution is to place the cgi scri ...

  4. questionMy CGI Script Will Not Write To a File on the Server
    All CGI scripts that are called from the web do not run with your account's permission by default. This is done for security reasons. The CGI scripts run as the user 'nobody', which is a fake username with no permissions. Because of this, any file or directory that you want a script to write to ...

  5. questionThe Server Says My cgi-bin Script Does Not Exist
    If you are referencing your cgi-bin script with this URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/script.cgi you are not using the correct URL to access your personal cgi-bin. You need to use: http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-yourdomain/script.cgi For example, if your domain was abc.com, and your scrip ...

  6. questionAfter I edit my CGI script, it no longer functions.
    Perl CGI scripts must be uploaded to your account via FTP as ASCII files to run properly. Also, all CGI scripts must be executable. This requires setting the permissions on the file using your FTP program and making sure the script is world executable (chmod +x filename). If you are getting an ...

  7. questionformmail.cgi Gives Me An Error (Bad/No Recipient)
    This indicates that you are trying to send the email to an email address that is not located at your domain (ie something@aol.com). You have 2 choices to correct this problem: 1. Change the 'recipient' email address to an alias at your domain name (ie something@yourdomain.com which can be setu ...

  8. questionThe Script Does Not Seem To Exist When Trying To Call It From The Web
    If the CGI script is in your cgi-bin directory, you must use the following syntax to call it correctly (assume abc.com is the domain name you are using): http://www.abc.com/cgi-abc/FileName.cgi Also, if you use "/cgi-bin/" in the URL (as opposed to "cgi-bin/") to call your CGI script, you will ...

  9. questionWhen Trying to Run a CGI Script, the Output Page Displays the Code of The Script Instead of Running the Program
    If a CGI script is not in the "cgi-bin" directory and is does not end in .cgi, the webserver does not know it is a CGI script and will try and display it as an html file. All CGI scripts not in the cgi-bin directory must end in .cgi to run.

  10. questionWhen I run my script on the web, I get an internal server error.
    This could possibly be because you created and / or published the script yourself and did not set the permissions. From the telnet/ssh shell, you will need to type the command chmod 755 file.cgi and replace file.cgi with the name of the CGI file you are trying to publish. The other way to do th ...

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