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  1. questionOrder Status Module Documentation
    Order Status Module Documentation (Version 2.0) Requirements: • ShopSite Pro, version 6.3 or higher How it works: • The module will tie in with orders being placed on your site via an order API script. This data is then inserted into the Order Status module via a MySQL database. ...

  2. questionOrder Status Module Settings
    Below is a list of files that you can edit to customize the module to your liking. Files (located off of /www/orderstatus): templates/newCommentEmail.txt Email template for when a comment is added to an order status. templates/orderHistoryEmail.txt Email template for sending an up to date ...

  3. questionIntegrating the Order Status Module with ShopSite Customer Registration
    Reorder functionality (included with the most current version of the LexiConn Orderstatus Module) can easily be integrated with customer registration in ShopSite, allowing customers to reorder orders they have previously placed. During the Orderstatus Module installation, two ShopSite template ...

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