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  1. questionOverview of password protected web directories
    Password protected directories allow you to restrict access to certain portions of your web site to authorized users only and can be easily set up and maintained in your account manager. For example, if your web site is www.example.com and you wanted to password protect a directory named 'res ...

  2. questionUsing the Account Manager to Set Up Password Protected Directories
    Password-protecting a directory on your site can easily be done using your Account Manager. 1. Log in to your Account Manager. 2. Click the "Site Tools" button on the left side of the page. 3. Click the "Password Protect a Directory" link. 4. Click the "Password Protect a Directory" link on th ...

  3. questionManually Setting Up Password Protected Directories
    This example shows how to password protect a directory and only allow access to a user named 'pumpkin' and to set/require a password for pumpkin. Using SSH: If your home directory is your login, create a file named .htaccess in your web directory that contains the following: AuthUserFile /home ...

  4. questionHow do I block an IP from accessing my website?
    You can block an IP address from accessing your website by editing a file named ".htaccess" in your main "www" directory. This file is simply a text file. You can add the following text to the file: <Limit GET POST> order allow,deny allow from all deny from deny from 192.16 ...

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