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Using the Account Manager to Set Up Password Protected Directories
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9th of July, 2008

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Password-protecting a directory on your site can easily be done using your Account Manager.

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. Click the "Site Tools" button on the left side of the page.

3. Click the "Password Protect a Directory" link.

4. Click the "Password Protect a Directory" link on this page as well.

5. Where it says "Directory:", enter the name of the directory you wish to password protect. If you entered restricted as the name of the directory, then the password protected directory would be located on the web at http://www.your_domain.com/restricted.

Where it says "New Username:", enter the username you wish to use for the password protection of the restricted directory.

Where it says "New Password:", enter the password you wish to have correspond with the username you chose above.

6. Click the blue "Secure Directory" button to complete the process.

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