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  1. questionParked and Pointed Domains at Lexiconn
    1. What is a pointed domain? A pointed domain is simply an additional domain name the resolves to your site and can be set up in one of three ways: 1. As a new domain name that resolves to the same directory as your existing domain (also known as a parked domain): -- There is no extra charge f ...

  2. questionCan a pointed domain resolve to a single webpage
    There are two ways to achieve this result: 1. A pointed domain could be set up to resolve to a specific page in your primay domain's directory. In this case, your new domain will resolve to the page you specify, but the URL will match your primary domain name. 2. A pointed domain could be set ...

  3. questionPermanent Redirect for Pointed Domains
    If you are changing domains and your previous domain has well-established page rankings, or you are pointing the .net or .org versions of your primary domain name to your site and would like to avoid page-rank bleed to your pointed domains, you can set up your previous domain as a pointed domai ...

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