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25th of April, 2008

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Installing the guestbook on to your account is simple and is done through your account manager. Once signed in to your account manager, click on the "Applications" tab on the left hand menu. From there, click the "Miscellaneous" link and then click "Guestbook."

Once inside, you will be given six options:

Guestbook Configuration image

1. Enter Name of Base Directory to be created in your www directory:

Whatever you enter in this box will end up being the name of the directory under your domain which contains the Guestbook program. For example, if you entered the name 'guestbook' in to this box, the address of your guestbook would be http://www.your_domain.com/guestbook/

2. Enter Title of Guestbook:

What you enter here will end up as bold text at the top of your guestbook's main page as well as in the top most bar of the browser window (next to where it says the name of the browser you have).

3. Enter the name of your Home Page:

This is the name of your main web site. The guestbook asks for this so that when it generates a link back to your home page, it can label it properly.

4. Enter your homepage URL:

Enter the address to the home page of your site.

This corresponds to the previous option.

5. Enter the guestbook admin email address:

This is used for having the guestbook send you an E-Mail notification every time someone adds an entry. You may enter multiple E-Mail addresses and separate each one with a comma. You may also turn off the E-mail feature in the guestbook admin area if you wish.

6. Enter an admin guestbook password:

Choose a password to use for the admin area of your guestbook. The admin area will enables such features as deleting entries which you may find offensive. Other features include enabling / disabling the email notification feature, selecting colors and graphics, changing your password, specifying how many times one person may post (within a span of 25 posts), version update check, registering your guestbook to receive critical updates and a feedback form to make suggestions and report bugs.

Once you have finished entering information for all of these settings, click the blue "Submit" button.

Full documentation including how to operate the admin area can be found at:


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