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ShipStation ShopSite Module - Configuration
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23rd of September, 2014

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To use our ShipStation module your ShopSite store must be running ShopSite Pro and have our Order Status Module installed.  You do not have to actively use the Order Status Module if you don't want to as it's only required by the ShipStation module for it's order database.  ShipStation will also populate it with the order status and tracking numbers so if you do use it on your site customers will be able to see updated details about their order.

If you are a client of LexiConn and would like the ShipStation module installed on your account (as well as the Order Status module if you don't already have it) simply send an email letting us know you would like these added to your ShopSite store. If you do not host your ShopSite store with LexiConn, check out our seamless transfer process to have your ShopSite store and website moved over to LexiConn with no downtime.

Configure ShipStation

Note: Connecting ShopSite to ShipStation uses their "Custom Store" feature which is available in all of their pricing plans.

If you use the new ShipStation interface, which has a blue header bar and a gear icon in the top-right corner, start with these steps:

1. In ShipStation click on the gear icon in the top-right for Account Settings, then click on Selling Channels > Connect A Store or Marketplace
2. Click the "Custom Store" button

If you use the classic ShipStation interface, which has a gray header bar and a Settings link on the menu, start with these steps:

1. In ShipStation click Settings > Stores > Add A New Store
2. Scroll to the bottom of the store list and click on the "Custom Store" option 

Upon clicking "Custom Store" the following screen will appear:

3. For the fields highlighted in our screenshot, enter the following values:

Username: Enter the admin username for your Order Status Module
Password: Enter the admin password for your Order Status Module
URL to custom XML Page: Enter the URL to your ShipStation module  script.  The file is named "shipstation_xml.php" and it's in your Order Status admin folder.  For example if your website was "www.domain.com" the URL to enter would be:


Paid Status: Order Received
Shipped Status: Shipped

4. Leave the remaining fields unchanged and click Test Connection.  The following message should appear:

If the test is successful you can click Next to complete the setup of your store in ShipStation. Once you are back on the ShipStation main screen you can click Update to download orders. 

Note: Only new orders in the Order Status Module will be downloaded.  If your module was just installed you may need to place a test order on your website to have an order to test with.

If orders do not download or if the test was unsuccessful double check the settings you entered.  If you do not find a cause for the issue please email us your ShipStation login details and your Order Status login details, and we'll take a look for you.

For detailed support of the ShipStation system and it's features please see their support system here:

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