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How to access FileMan (File Management Utility)
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17th of March, 2008

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Your Account Manager at LexiConn includes a utility called FileMan. FileMan offers several features to help you manage the files associated with your hosting account such as your web pages and graphics. It is a quick and handy way to complete simple tasks such as copying, renaming, deleting, uploading and downloading files, volume tasks such as moving and renaming large amounts of files and editing text files. It even includes features such as a Perl syntax checker. Other features include uploading and downloading files as well as editing text files.

1. Log in to your Account Manager

2. Click the "Site Tools" button on the left hand side of the page.

3. Click the "FileMan" link under the "Site Tools" list. You are now inside of the file manager and you should see a list of all files and directories under your home directory.

Click here for full documentation on how to use FileMan.

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