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LexiConn Quickorder Form Designer - Overview
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29th of June, 2009

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The LexiConn Quickorder Module form designer is divided into two distinct areas: the form designer and the confirmation table designer, each accessible by the corresponding TAB at the top of the application:


Each of these TABs has a left panel containing all of the style and formatting options for your form or table, including layout of the header and header labels, layout of the body including size and number of input fields, as well as the colors and border design of all elements in your form table:

And a center panel containing a preview of the form or table output as you design it:

After saving your form design you can easily preview your form or table design as it will appear in your current site:


Alternatively, you can click the "Copy Quickorder Form HTML" to copy the code of the form you have designed, then add it ot any page on your site:


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