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Overview of the Custom Shipping Module
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26th of March, 2009

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The custom shipping module extends the functionality of static ShopSite rate tables.

Using this module, you can set up multiple shipping tables based upon:

- Shipping by Weight

- Shipping by Currency

- Flat Shipping

- Flat-each Shipping

- Flat-base-each Shipping

and then customize each shipping option based upon:

- Allowed or Restricted Countries

- Allowed or Restricted States

- Allowed or Restricted Products (all products must have SKUs) as:

- Restricted - where any specified products added to the cart will invalidate the shipping option

- Allowed (exclusive) - where the shipping option is valid only if all products added to the cart match the specified products

- Allowed (inclusive) - where the shipping option is valid only if any product in the cart matches the specified products

Although the Custom Shipping Module cannot return realtime rates, it can be used in conjunction with ShopSite's realtime-rate options.

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