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Dreamweaver MX Flash Tutorials
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5th of May, 2008

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Below are several visual Flash tutorials which give you detailed step-by-step instructions on configuring Dreamweaver MX to connect to your account, how to use it's most common features and even some design tips.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_configuresite.htm - This tutorial will show you how to configure Dreamweaver to create and publish a site to your account.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_pagelayout.htm - Learn how to create a simple page layout.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_template.htm - Learn how to create a web page template. These are useful for maintaining continuity across all of the pages within your site.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_create_navbar.htm - This tutorial will show you how to create a navigation bar.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_rollover.htm - Learn how to create dynamic 'mouse over' buttons which change when someone rests their mouse cursor over them.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_form.htm - This tutorial will show you how to create a form for use on your web site.

http://support.lexiconn.com/tutorials/dwmx_ftp.htm - This tutorial shows you how to publish your site using Dreamweaver's built-in FTP feature.

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