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  1. questionWhat are Server Side Includes (SSI)?
    Server Side Includes (SSI) are directives that are placed in HTML pages, and evaluated on the server while the pages are being served. They let you add dynamically generated content to an existing HTML page, without having to serve the entire page via a CGI program, or some other dynamic techn ...

  2. questionHow to use SSI/XSSI with your account
    To use SSI and/or XSSI, your html files must end in the extension .shtml The .shtml extension enables the web server to process SSI commands embedded in the web page. If you need your pages ending with .htm and .html to be parsed for Server Side Includes, please contact us and we can enable th ...

  3. questionWhere can I find out more information about SSI?
    The SSI NCSA Tutorial is an excellent resource for more information about SSI: http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/docs/tutorials/includes.html For information regarding extended server side includes (XSSI): http://support.lexiconn.com/xssi-1.1.html

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