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  1. questionOverview of SSH
    SSH is a protocol used to connect to servers remotely. In general, Unix / Linux operating systems (like the one we have on our servers) operate via a text-based command line as opposed to a 'point-and-click' interface. SSH allows a person to use the command line on a Unix / Linux computer from ...

  2. questionTypical Shell Commands
    When you are logged in to your account via ssh, everything is done by passing text commands to the command line. Here is a list of the absolute most basic Linux / UNIX commands and their use: ls Lists Files and Directories ls -al Detailed List of Files and Directories mkdir foo Creates a direc ...

  3. questionLocation of programs on servers
    sendmail - /usr/lib/sendmail perl - /usr/bin/perl mysql - /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql Command-line implementation of PHP - /usr/local/bin/php php.ini - not user-accessible, but many common settings may be configured in your .htaccess file

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