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  1. questionWhat are the steps in the transfer process?
    1. You submit a transfer request from our transfer page. A confirmation email will be sent to the new Admin Contact email. 2. An email for each domain transfer will be sent to the current Admin Contact email address. Follow the instructions in this e-mail to indicate your approval. You will n ...

  2. questionWhat does transferring my domain mean?
    Transferring refers to changing registrars. If you have your domain registered with Network Solutions or another registrar, you can opt not to renew your domain with them. You may transfer the domain to us and take advanatge of our lower fees (compared to some registrars) and superior domain ma ...

  3. questionWhat are the costs to transfer a domain?
    You will be charged $25 for one year of registration. There are no additional fees to transfer a domain. The transfer will add one year to the existing expiration date of the domain, regardless of how early you do the transfer.

  4. questionDoes transferring my domain incur any downtime for my website?
    No, the transfer process will in no way affect the functionality of your website or email.

  5. questionWhat is required to transfer a domain? Are there any restrictions?
    Your domain has to meet the following requirements in order to be transferred successfuly: - A domain that was registered or renewed fewer than 60 days ago cannot be transferred to us. Simply wait 60 days and transfer afterwards. - Domains that are on HOLD cannot be transferred. Registrars gene ...

  6. questionHow do I know if my domain meets the requirements to be transferred?
    You may check if your domain is transferrable by going to: http://domains.lexiconn.com/transfer_your_domain.html and entering your domain name in the form (make sure to select the TLD -- .com, .net, or .org -- from the dropdown box insted of entering it in the textbox). If you are able to proc ...

  7. questionWhy am I getting an email from Tucows to approve the transfer?
    Tucows is the company that provides the backend processing for our domain registry service. They are an ICANN accredited company that LexiConn partners with to manage all domains.

  8. questionHow to locate the auth code for transferring your domain
    If you are transferring your domain away from LexiConn to a different registrar, you will need to obtain your domain auth code. This code is required for all domain transfers. Once logged into the Domain Manager, you can obtain this by clicking on the Organization link. On this screen, you wil ...

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