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  1. Domain name error logging in to Account ManagerDomain name error logging in to Account Manager
    ...rectly, and you still receive the following error, your web browser may not be able to successfully redirect you to the proper page. Try accessing the control panel through the direct url: http://...

  2. Setting up a Permanent / 301 RedirectSetting up a Permanent / 301 Redirect
    A permanent / 301 redirect is the best way to update search engines with new filenames for existing pages. It should preserve your rankings for that particular page, and is seen as the saf...

  3. Permanent Redirect for Pointed DomainsPermanent Redirect for Pointed Domains
    ... domains, you can set up your previous domain as a pointed domain in your new account and put a 301 redirect in place to redirect all traffic from your previous domain to your new domain. A 301 redi...

  4. Checklist before going live with your ShopSite storeChecklist before going live with your ShopSite store
    ...me page. If you need to change the filename or path to any of your pages, a 301 redirect may be put in place, notifying search engines that a page on your site has been permanently...

  5. formmail.cgiformmail.cgi
    ...configuration options you can set to customize how the email will look, require certain fields, and redirect the user to a URL after submitting the form. Here is example HTML code showing the param...

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