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How do I purge a file from the CDN to refresh it?
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27th of February, 2012

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After updating images on your site, you may need to purge the CDN Cache so that any resources recently accessed will be updated to reflect the most current version of the image on your site.

You can use our application to purge the CDN cache of images you have recently updated by selecting whether to upload a file containing the URLs to refresh or enter/paste them into the application:

1. Upload File Containing Refresh URls:

Prepare a plain-text file with the full CDN URLs (http://...) you would like to refresh, one-per-line. Click the "Browse" button to locate this file on your computer, then click the "Upload File" button below. Any URLs that are invalid will not be refreshed.

2. Paste and Submit Refresh URLs

Paste or enter the full CDN URLs (http://...) of the files you would like to purge followed by a line-break in the box below, then click the "Purge URL(s) from CDN Cache" button to purge the URLs. If any URLs are not valid or do not exist, they will be ignored.

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