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How do I get ShopSite to create pages in a sub-directory?
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15th of August, 2008

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ShopSite can output pages to subdirectories in your site provided that:

1. The subdirectory is within your existing ShopSite directory

2. You have created the director and set permissions to allow ShopSite to write within the new directory

When adding a new page to a subdirectory, first create the new directory through FTP or Fileman, then set the directory permissions to world-writable (777) so ShopSite can write to it. Within ShopSite, you can now specify the output directory in Advanced Info --> File name: by preceding the filename with the directory (or directories) like this:


Make certain that you do not reference an absolute path by preceding the initial directory with a forward-slash '/':

/newdirectory/mypage.html  ----------------- Incorrect

If you would like to change the directory of an existing page, just go to Pages, select the page you would like to edit, then edit the Advanced Info --> File name: text box accordingly.

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