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How To Get Junk Mail Filtering
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19th of May, 2008

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LexiConn offers an Advanced spam and virus protection system for a small monthly fee that can protect all of your POP boxes for your web hosting account.

The software uses a combination of rules, genetic algorithms, learning filters, real time black list checking, and forged header detection functions to assign points to each email that comes into your mailbox. If an E-Mail's point value exceeds the threshhold for it being spam, then the E-Mail is tagged as spam. The software allows you to decide what happens to an E-Mail tagged as spam: Put **SPAM** text in the beginning of the subject, delete the email, or delete it and send back an email informing the sender that the E-Mail they sent was considered spam.

This spam software is continually updated to try and keep ahead of the spammers. With its learning functions and real time blacklist checking, the software becomes better at blocking spam over time. Included in the software is the ability for you to mark certain addresses or domains as good (whitelist), or certain ones as bad (blacklist). You can also enable virus protection that will actively scan all E-Mails for the presence of a virus and delete that harmful E-Mail before it is delivered to your mailbox.

You can even use the software to just tag the E-Mail as spam, and then filter these spam E-Mails in your mail program on your home/office computer into a separate folder that you check once a day for a mis-tagged E-Mail.

You may order spam and virus protection at:

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