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There were 31 articles found in this category:
  1. questionCan I view credit card numbers in ShopSite when using a payment gateway?
    By default the card numbers are not viewable to prevent a printed order from containing a customer's credit card if you are using a payment gateway. Note that if you process your orders manually, the card number will be visible. You can also perform an Order Download and it will contain the fu ...

  2. questionShould I use the 'Password' feature of Authorize.net?
    The 'require password on all transactions' feature will work only with ShopSite version 6 or greater. In early versions of ShopSite, Authorize.net only required the password be used only on settlement transactions (not the authorization transactions) so ShopSite did not send it on the authoriz ...

  3. questionDo I need to set up a referrer URL with Authorize.net?
    Authorize.net users connecting via WebLink or ADC Relay Repsonse need to implement a Referrer URL on their account. Shopsite does not use these methods to connect to the Authorize.net system. Shopsite uses "ADC Direct Response", and does not require this Referrer URL be enabled. In fact, turni ...

  4. questionWorking with Images in ShopSite Templates
    Working with images in ShopSite templates can be tricky, especially if you need to insert custom image attributes, or you need more control over how the HTML is generated. Fortunately, ShopSite provides template tag modifiers that can make it much easier. Overview of Images in ShopSite Images ...

  5. questionShipStation ShopSite Module - Password Update
    ShipStation uses your Order Status Module password to download orders, so if that password changes you will need to update your ShipStation account with the new password. If you use the new ShipStation interface, which has a blue header bar and a gear icon in the top-right corner, do these steps ...

  6. questionShipStation ShopSite Module - Configuration
    To use our ShipStation module your ShopSite store must be running ShopSite Pro and have our Order Status Module installed. You do not have to actively use the Order Status Module if you don't want to as it's only required by the ShipStation module for it's order database. ShipStation will also ...

  7. questionAlt Tag Editor Module Documentation
    The Alt Tag Editor Module allows you to select a ShopSite product field to provide Alt Tags for your ShopSite-managed images. The module works by scanning through the images in your ShopSite media directory and replacing the existing alt tag (the image filename is the default ShopSite alt tag) ...

  8. questionAdjust Font Size of Orders in the Back Office
    You can customize the font size and style shown when viewing orders or printing packing slips in ShopSite 11 using CSS in: Orders -> Configure - View Order Header And Orders -> Configure - Packing Slip Header Here is sample CSS you could paste into these textareas to change the font on the Vie ...

  9. questionWhy a ShopSite More Information Page is Not Created or Updated
    When you're working with a More Info page which is not updating, or doesn't exist at all, there are a few different reasons that may cause this. We'll detail them below and show how to resolve each one: 1. More Info Page Checkbox Under Edit Product Info for a product, check the "More Info Page" ...

  10. questionI'm having trouble configuring the multiple images feature in ShopSite
    Version 10 SP1 of ShopSite Pro and Manager includes a feature allowing merchants to display multiple images (up to 20) for each product on the MoreInfo page. A tutorial on configuring multiple products images for your store can be found in our forum at: http://support.lexiconn.com/news/viewtopi ...

  11. questionHow do I change my order number in ShopSite?
    ShopSite order numbers can be set to begin at any number, but must contain only numerals. Since ShopSite permissions prohibit you from editing the file directly, we would have to make the change for you. If you would like to change your order numbers, email us at support@lexiconn.com and let us ...

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