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    The ShopSite Search system is a powerful feature that is not limited to only stores that use ShopSite to generate their pages. Merchants using ShopSite’s Order Anywhere feature can use this search as well.

    If you have not used ShopSite Search, the first thing to do will be turn on the “Product Search Field:” field when editing any page of your website. This must be enabled for ShopSite to build the search database. If you’re testing, and don’t want the search field to show up on a live page, create a fake page in your backoffice that is not assigned to any other page, and turn on the “Product Search Field” setting there instead.

    Search Settings
    In your backoffice under Preferences > Search Settings > Search Indexing, you can control which data fields for a product are available for searching. One of these which is available in ShopSite Pro is the “Search Keywords” option. This is a unique feature as it provides a variety of options for searching. You can add words to a product’s “Search Keywords:” field that are not in it’s name or description to increase it’s chance of being found in a search. For example, if you have a product name that is likely to be misspelled, you can add misspelled versions of it’s name to this field. If someone then searches for the wrong spelling, and you have it in this field, the product will still appear.

    For another example of how the keywords field can be used, see our tutorial on Using ShopSite Search for Dynamic Looking Pages:

    The Search Settings area of the backoffice has another page called Search Logging. This section details for you the terms people are searching for. Click “Search Details” to view extensive results by date, search term, and even whether searches were successful or returned no results. These details can help you determine which keywords you may want to add to products, or what products you may want to add to your store if people are regularly searching for something you do not carry.

    By viewing the “Individual Searches” report, you can see see terms searched by individual ip addresses. This will show words that were searched by the same person, providing you with information about what different products the same person was looking for.

    Order Anywhere and the Search Destination
    Another feature available in ShopSite Pro is the “Search Destination:” field. This field, displayed on the Edit Product Info page, allows you to control where a customer is sent when they click on a product in the Search results.

    The first section of this field allows you to enter a custom URL by selecting the radio button beside the text box, then entering the URL for the destination page in the text entry box.

    This can be used to direct the customer to a custom page. For stores using Order Anywhere links, you can populate this field with the URL your product is available on. Then when the user clicks on it from the search results, they are directed to the product, even though the page was not created in ShopSite.

    The radio button beside the pull-down menu provides the following options:

    * Select the Store option from the pull-down menu to provide customers with links to all the indexed store pages that include the product.
    * Select the More Info option from the pull-down menu to provide customers with a link to the product More Info Page for this product.
    * Select the Made option from the pull-down menu to have ShopSite create a link to a special page just for this product. You can use this option if your product is not included on any store pages, but you want the product to show up in a search.
    * Select the None option if you do not want this product to be included in search results. This tells ShopSite not to index this product, even if the product appears on a page that is being indexed.

    As you can see, ShopSite’s search system is a powerful and feature-rich tool that can provide your customers with a simple and quick way to find products in your online store.

    Additional Information
    Here are some links to additional details if you would like to learn more about the ShopSite search system:

    Template Cookbook – Search Templates

    Backoffice Search Settings – PRO

    Backoffice Search Settings – Manager

    Using ShopSite Search for Dynamic Looking Pages

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