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    We have applied the latest ShopSite 11 SP2r4 patches to all hosted ShopSite stores running version 11 SP2. The patches address the following issues:

    * Fixes an issue where an order could be placed without tax being charged if the shopper’s browser had javascript disabled.

    * Fixed ‘Please fill in Ship to Zip/Postal Code’ error the first time trying to checkout with GlobalShopex.

    * Fixed country value being overwritten on Global Shopex orders

    * Fixed so full image url is sent to GlobalShopex instead of just image filename

    * Fixed so local shipping charge is included in GlobalShopex order information.

    * Fixes an issue where additional IPNs from PayPal need to be acknowledged

    * Fixed so SIM return to link uses the shopping cart url setting and does not alway return to the secure url.

    * Removed part of previous fix for AVATAX Country’s ISO code being saved instead of full name

    * Fixes an issue with generating resized images for Doba products if certain parameters were not initialized.

    * Fixes an issue with advanced order options which contained the ‘&’ character would cause the feed to fail to be accepted by Google.

    - LexiConn Support

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