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    Website: https://www.wdmusic.com/

    Description:  WD Music Products, Inc. is a full-service stringed instrument parts supplier with distribution and manufacturing facilities across the globe.  Ryan from WD states, “WD is known as a leading industry supplier and maintains relationships with manufacturers and distributors such as Fender® Custom Shop, Gibson® Custom Shop, Ernie Ball®, Peavey®, G & L®, Musicians Friend®, St. Louis Music®, Harris Teller®, Yorkville Sound®, Stewart MacDonald®, and more.  In addition to serving the industry’s leading brands, WD distributes parts to thousands of smaller scale builders and repair shops as well as direct to retail consumers.  Our flagship brand WD Custom Pickguards, founded in 1978, began as a small basement shop in the home of President and Vice President Wendy and Larry Davis.  As the demand for related products grew over the next 40+ years, WD transformed from an aftermarket pickguards manufacturer to an industry household name.”

    Technologies Used:  Ryan continued, “Wdmusic.com serves as a central hub for all WD’s customers.  Both B2B and B2C customers can register and create an account at wdmusic.com.  B2B customers, once approved through a custom application process, gain access to industry pricing powered by ShopSite’s variable pricing feature.

    WDmusic.com has operated on the ShopSite platform for over ten years.  Once we began working with a certified ShopSite developer (Merchant Corner) in late 2016 we truly began to take full advantage of the platform.  After carefully developing custom logic to account for decades of customer requests, a complete revision of our product database, complete site redesign, and addition of countless quality-of-life improvements we successfully launched the “new” WDmusic.com in late December of 2018.

    Since the launch of our “new” store we have seen an incredible increase in site visits and conversions, as well as a considerable uptick in customer satisfaction, feedback, and retention.  Most recently we have upgraded to the ShopSite Enterprise platform.  The switch to enterprise has vastly improved the shopping cart experience from a Merchant standpoint.  Many changes to products and pages no longer require a publish or regeneration process, only to “save” changes.  With a product database exceeding 42,000 items (and growing) this change alone has saved countless hours for our web department.”

    Advice / Tips:  Ryan finished, “The best advice we can give, regardless of your shopping cart platform, is to seek out a quality certified developer specializing in your platform.  While most shopping cart platforms contain great “out-of-box” features, we have found the true power in Ecommerce hinges on custom developments that make the platform work best for you and your customers.  Due to our niche industry and unique business model as both a B2B and B2C supplier we have developed several customizations that now we simply cannot live without.”

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