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    Description:  Taos Herb Company provides Native American ceremonial herbs.  These include white sage, sweet grass and sacred resins, a wide variety of pure, meticulously crafted essential oils, herbal compound formulae, single herb extracts, Spanish Remedies of Northern New Mexico, spices, Yerba Hair Care products created from wild herbs harvested in Northern New Mexico as well as a host of other natural products.  Rob from Taos Herb Company states, “Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions.  The company is a family owned business by Rob Hawley, Tina Hahn and Julie Norem-Hawley, and we have been in business since 1981.  We first went live on the web in 1999, and our website continues to expand to this day.”

    Technologies Used:  Rob continued, “Running an ecommerce store can be challenging at times.  Trying to keep up with Google’s requirements, keeping track of inventory, updating pricing and images, making sure our customers are aware of new and sale items, editing templates and other necessary tasks take a good deal of time and energy.  ShopSite helps us facilitate some of these processes in an efficient manner and has been an invaluable resource for us in our daily operations.

    In early 2016 we made the switch to a fully responsive ShopSite storefront, which has greatly improved our analytics metrics.  Our new site also gave us the ability to obtain online customer reviews which have helped us to address issues as well as to gain the trust of new customers.  This, in turn, has helped us grow our email marketing list.

    We use LexiConn’s in-house email marketing platform.  The seamless integration with our web forms has made list building and segmentation easy.  The in-depth reports on our email campaigns are a valuable resource that allow us to determine better ways of engaging with our audience.  The platform also allows us to reach out to our customers a set number of days after their purchases have shipped to ensure that we have provided the best possible experience for them.

    We use the GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV and have configured our entire site to be all SSL.  We have also had some custom XML programming done to facilitate downloading orders into our point of sale system (Windward System Five) used in our retail and wholesale operations.  For international sales we have employed an add-on module from IGlobal Cross-Border eCommerce Technology.

    We employ Tabooni Website Design, Development, SEO and Marketing ( as our webmaster and for marketing services.  We have been very pleased with their contributions to our success.  As with any site, problems arise and we have found LexiConn’s support team to be attentive and knowledgeable at every turn.”

    Advice / Tips:  Rob finished, “Spend the time to understand the system, its features and its limitations.  Any form of marketing requires constant tweaking and testing.  Having a solid foundation makes this much easier.”

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