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    Description: (Animal World) features gifts for wildlife, animal, dog, cat, bird, dinosaur and horse lovers. These gifts include throw blanket tapestries, plush stuffed animals, plastic animal toy miniatures, wildlife themed t shirts, dog breed specific t shirts, animal crossing signs, animal puppets, animal earrings, nature sound CDs, porcelain jars, mugs, and neckties.

    Steve from states, “Customers from Animal World cross all boundaries of demographics, since everyone loves the beauty of nature and the unconditional love of the family pet. From use in home d├ęcor, education, school projects or fashion, Animal World provides a unique selection of animal and pet theme gifts that are as timeless as nature itself. With over thirty years in the animal and pet theme gift business, Animal World has been online 16 years, since 1997!”

    Technologies Used: Steve continued, “ Animal World utilizes the ShopSite software to power its online store. In addition to its online store, Animal World provides free services to animal lovers everywhere through its constant contributions to the animal and pet theme gift market. These are done through YouTube product videos, animal gift themed blogs, and through social media updates on Facebook or Twitter. Through our Virtual Private Server at LexiConn, we can offer our customers the fastest online experience on our website whether on PCs, laptops, or portable devices.”

    Advice / Tips: Steve finished, “If there was one piece of advice that I could offer to other website owners, it would be to constantly treat your website as a blog. Websites like a blog must be constantly updated with fresh content, structure, and relevant helpful information that allow customers the best opportunity to make a wise decision.”

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