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    In this Month’s Newsletter…

    * All About Email
    * Featured Client: lolaandsophie.com
    * From the Blog…

    All About Email…
    There are several different options for receiving email at your domain name. Most of our clients use us to host their email, but depending on the features you require, third party solutions such as G Suite (formerly Google Apps) are strong options to consider.

    Assuming that you are using LexiConn to directly host your email, you can configure an email program using either POP or IMAP to retrieve your messages. Most people choose POP/POP3. Post Office Protocol (POP) supports simple download and delete requirements for access to your mailboxes. Most email programs have an option to leave mail on the server, but connecting via POP typically involves retrieving all messages to the email client, deleting them from the server, then disconnecting. This prevents email from building up on the server side and counting toward your account’s disk quota, as the email no longer exists on the server once this retrieval is completed.

    If you need to access your box from multiple locations and/or have multiple people checking the same box, then you may wish to connect via IMAP instead of POP. The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) allows you to access email on a remote mail server. The messages are typically left on the server until the user explicitly deletes them. With our system, you will want to set your initial IMAP folder to “mail”. Using this method requires storing messages on the server in the hosting account, as opposed to physically downloading them to your local computer. Given this, the stored email will take up significant disk space in the hosting account, so one should be sure to delete unneeded emails.

    If your account is receiving significant amounts of spam, we do offer a spam/virus protection service for $5/month, and this fee covers all of your email boxes. The spam service uses a customized version of SpamAssassin, which utilizes a Bayes theorem whereby the software learns over time. Essentially, the more email you get (both legitimate and spam), the better the software will get at identifying spam messages. Each user has their own specific settings, including spam threshold, blacklist, whitelist, etc. Individual users can login to the Account Manager directly and will only have access to their own specific account settings as opposed to the master user that can access all accounts. The virus protection service is updated each hour to keep current with the latest threats. If you are interested in signing up for the spam/virus protection service, you may do so at:


    Many modern devices require that you connect via SSL in order to retrieve messages. All LexiConn servers support this connection type. Feel free to contact us if you are having trouble configuring a device and we would be happy to assist.

    While the majority of our clients use the email service included with their hosting account, some prefer to utilize third party email solutions such as G Suite by Google. With G Suite, you pay per user (starting at $5/mo.) and are provided the advanced features of Gmail along with a variety of productivity tools. Furthermore, the solution allows a tremendous amount of space to store email correspondence, superior search capabilities and easy access from any type of device. For more complete details regarding their product, reference:


    Featured Client: lolaandsophie.com
    This month’s featured client is lolaandsophie.com. Lola & Sophie is a women’s clothing line created by Gene Kagan.


    For more detailed information on this month’s featured client as well as a listing of all past featured clients, please go to:


    From the Blog…
    Here are some recent posts from The LexiConn Blog:

    15 Common Issues After a Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration – A guest post from a Magento expert.


    9 Ways to Make Your Website Faster – Some simple things you can do to make your website faster.


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    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Complete contact and support options can be found at:



    - The LexiConn Team

    If you have a moment, please let us know how we’re doing!


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