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    Website: https://wholeperson.com/

    Description: Whole Person Associates (WPA) is a publisher of quality resources for the mental health and wellness professions.  Jack from WPA states, “Specializing in workbooks that include reproducible materials for use with clients, WPA brings a trusted voice to the field.  Founded in 1980, their reputation as a provider of innovative and reliable products continues with seventy-five topic specific workbooks.  Each includes easily scored assessments, educational handouts, and interactive worksheets on point to its target audience.

    All materials for clients are reproducible as many times as needed, making the workbooks a cost effective addition to a toolbox.  Books are available in paper or PDF format.  Discussion starter card decks can be purchased for each workbook or to use separately as fits the practice of the psychologist, therapist, counselor, or group facilitator.

    Providing further support, WPA has a collection of audio relaxation available on CD or as MP3 files.  Books of various guided imagery scripts for the facilitator to use directly with his/her clients are available.  Ice breaker books offer fun and thought provoking exercises to bring everyone to the table and energize them when they falter.  Teens and children are addressed in several age appropriate publications.  WPA produces self-help books on a wide range of topics.

    In short, WPA publishes top of the line, professional materials that are interactive and promote well-being for the use of clinicians in their practice.  Honoring the tight schedules of providers, WPA’s materials give them a complete resource: innovative, ready to go, field-tested, and spot-on to help their clients.”

    Technologies Used: Jack continued, “Wholeperson.com is an all SSL site built on the ShopSite platform.  We have enjoyed ShopSite over the years for its evolving, robust options, ability to be customized, and for its user friendly interface.  We enjoy the easy integration between ShopSite and Google Analytics, PayPal, WordPress (our blog platform), and Constant Contact, which we use to share our monthly newsletter, monthly specials, and other customer care related announcements.  We also connect with our customers and with the global community through our social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.  After hosting with another company for several years, the switch to LexiConn offered us the kind of customer service support we never knew we were missing.  The staff at LexiConn is always prompt, kind, and helpful.”

    Advice / Tips: Jack finished, “I encourage you to take advantage of LexiConn’s unsurpassed customer service and their friendly, knowledgeable support staff.  They are always ready to help and provide great advice on how to make our website work better for us and our customers.”

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