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    We have a ShopSite Add-on Module for integrating a wholesale feature into your site:


    take a look at the other options below:

    If you have a ShopSite store and are looking to offer your products at a different rate for wholesale customers, you have a few choices. The first option would be to create a separate site for your wholesale customers. This site can either have its own domain name, or be a subdomain of your current site (e.g. We offer a discount on the hosting fees for the additional account, and ShopSite also provides a discount for a wholesale license, since the product line is the same. It is recommended that you password protect this site through the LexiConn Account Manager, so that only users with access information would be able to shop there, thereby preventing non-authorized purchases at the wholesale site.

    If you did not want a separate account, you could create a subdirectory off of your existing site (e.g. wholesale), and password protect this directory through the LexiConn Account Manager. If you use the OrderAnywhere feature of ShopSite, then you would just create pages in this directory through the same method as the rest of your site. If you use ShopSite generated pages, you can still publish to this directory as long as you set the permissions correctly. The newly created directory should be world-writable (chmod 777). In the filename field of ShopSite, these pages should be entered in with the page name following the directory name (e.g. wholesale/pagename.html).

    In order to easily duplicate your product line for wholesale pricing, you can download your current products database (Utilities -> Database -> Upload/Download -> Download), and alter the name/SKU and price accordingly. You would then re-upload this new database, thereby adding in all of your wholesale products. If you are uncomfortable working with the database itself, you can copy your current products in the backoffice one at a time (Products -> Copy Product) and change the appropriate fields (name/SKU, price), rather than entering in products all over again.

    If you are running the Pro version of ShopSite, another option would be to use customer registration. This feature allows you to assign your members to groups. You could assign all of your wholesale customers to a group that gets a specific discount (e.g. 10%). The advantage to this method is that you do not have to create any new pages or products for the wholesale customers. The disadvantage is that you must assign these members to that particular group before they are eligible to receive the discount, which could cause problems during their first purchase attempt, as by default you would be assigning them to the regular group that does not receive a discount.

    Another more advanced method that is available to Pro customers involves the use of variable priced products in conjunction with extra product fields. The price of the variable product would be set to the lower value (i.e. the wholesale price), and you would put the regular price into one of the extra product fields. Your custom template would check whether or not a customer is a wholesaler, and then set the variable price accordingly. The check could be performed via JavaScript and a login, or via the customer registration feature. Essentially, the template is using a hidden field for product price and populating this field with one value for wholesalers, and another value for regular customers. It is important that the wholesale price is entered in to the ‘Price’ field on the product screen, as with a variable priced product, the variable price cannot be lower than this value, so setting it to be the regular customer price would not work.

    If you need any help or have more questions about this, let us know.

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