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Alt Tag Editor Module Documentation
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7th of January, 2013

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The Alt Tag Editor Module allows you to select a ShopSite product field to provide Alt Tags for your ShopSite-managed images. The module works by scanning through the images in your ShopSite media directory and replacing the existing alt tag (the image filename is the default ShopSite alt tag) with the product field you select.

The following product fields are available to use for image alt tags:

  • ProductsId
  • Name
  • Graphic
  • SKU
  • SearchKeywords
  • MoreInfoTitle
  • MoreInfoMetaKeywords
  • FileName
  • ProductField1
  • ProductField2
  • ProductField3
  • ProductField4
  • ProductField5
  • ProductField6
  • ProductField7
  • ProductField8
  • ProductField9
  • ProductField10
  • ProductField11
  • ProductField12
  • ProductField13
  • ProductField14
  • ProductField15
  • ProductField16
  • ProductField17
  • ProductField18
  • ProductField19
  • ProductField20
  • ProductField21
  • ProductField22
  • ProductField23
  • ProductField24
  • ProductField25

The module runs automatically once per day. After the module runs, changes will not be visible on your site until a full Regenerate has been run in ShopSite. If you are not using the new Back Office login system, the module can be set to run the Regenerate automatically after updating the alt tags. If you are using the new login system or if you disable the autoregen functionality of the module, you will need to Regenerate your site manually before the updated alt tags will be visible on your site.

A simple admin interface allows you to enable/disable the autoregen functionality, enter an email address where you can receive an automated notification if the module is unable to regenerate your site due to a password mismatch, and select the Alt Tag replacement field. If your ShopSite Back Office password has changed, logging in to the Alt Tag Editor admin with your Back Office username and password is all that you will need to do to update the username and password stored by the module.

Alt Tag Editor Admin

Since Alt Tags are associated with images, not with products in ShopSite, when a single image is assigned to more than one product, the module set the alt tag based upon the first product that it finds.

Your image alt tags should describe the image as descriptively as possible, and not contain lists of keywords. In Webmaster Tools support pages, Google states "Filling alt attributes with keywords ('keyword stuffing') results in a negative user experience, and may cause your site to be perceived as spam". Due to limitations in ShopSite and to prevent search engines from misinterpreting your alt tags as keyword spam you should limit your alt tags to no more than 140 characters. Since Google's search engine bot cannot view images, it relies on descriptive alt tags to index your images, especially for Google image searches.
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