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Customizing the header and footer of review pages
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4th of August, 2008

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To customize the header and footer of review pages, you will need to edit the templates in the admin interface. It is best to copy the existing templates to a new name, and then edit your new template. To do this:

1. Go to Templates in the menu at the top. Select the "header/page.html" template for editing the header.

2. Click on the Date link to view the existing header template.


3. Highlight and copy all the text in the textbox, and then click the link near the top "Add new content for this template".


4. In the "Name/Note" field, enter a name for this template (i.e. customheader) and paste the contents from the original template in the textbox.

You can now edit this new template as desired to have a custom header. You can save it and use the preview function to see how it will look before making it live. Note that you do not want to delete the css links, as these are needed for the page to render properly.

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