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Eudora 6.1 (PC)
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7th of April, 2014

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This step-by-step tutorial will guide you in configuring Eudora to send and receive the E-Mail associated with your LexiConn account.

1. Click the "Tools" menu at the top. Select "Options..." at the bottom of the menu and click on it.

2. Where it says "Real Name:", enter your name. Where it says "Return Address", enter your E-Mail address. For "Mail Server (Incoming):", you will want to enter mail.your_domain.com, replacing your_domain.com with whatever your domain name is. Where it says "Login Name:", enter the name of the POP Box you will be using, in this case we have used your main account POP Box as an example. Where it says "SMTP Server (Outgoing):", enter mail.your_domain.com, again replacing your_domain.com with your domain name. Uncheck the box to the left of where it says "Allow authentication". DO NOT CLICK "OK" YET. Click the "Checking Mail" category (underneath "Getting Started" in the "Category:" list).

3. Everything in this category should already be entered for you based on the settings you entered in the previous options. You should verify that all of the information on this screen is correct. Also, where it says "Check for mail every 0 minutes(s)", you may change the number 0 to any number you want, and as long as Eudora is open it will keep checking for new mail at the start of the specified interval. If you check the box to the left of where it says "Don't check without a network connection", Eudora will not check for mail if you are not connected to the internet. Another option to note is the "Save password" option. If you check the "Save password" box, your password will be stored in Eudora after the first time you enter it in to check for new mail. This way, you will not have to type your password each time you check for new mail. DO NOT CLICK "OK" YET. Click the "Incoming Mail" category (underneath "Checking Mail" in the "Category:" list).

4. Leave everything here as is. DO NOT CLICK "OK" YET. Click the "Sending Mail" category (underneath "Incoming Mail" in the "Category:" list).

5. Make sure "Allow authentication" is unchecked if it has not already been done for you. All other settings should be left as is. DO NOT CLICK "OK" YET. Click the "Composing Mail" category (underneath "Sending Mail" in the "Category:" list). Most likely you will want to leave all of the options here as they are. However you may want to uncheck "Keep copies" if you do not want copies of the messages you send to be saved.

6. Click "OK".

7. Click the "Check Mail" button in the upper left. This button is the one that shows an image of the back of an envelope above a box and is the fourth button from the left in the graphical menu bar. You will be prompted for your password.

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