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Why do I get an error when trying to send mail through my domain?
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19th of May, 2008

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Many Internet Service Provider's such as AT&T, EarthLink, SBC, and Cox prevent the sending of E-Mail using another server's SMTP. To get around this, you can set your SMTP server to that of your Provider's while still keeping the E-Mail address in your E-Mail program set to your domain. Ask your Internet Service Provider for the SMTP server you should use.

If your ISP blocks the use of 3rd party SMTP outgoing mailservers on port 25, but you still wish to use your domain name as the SMTP server, LexiConn has made port 26 available for sending out email in addition to the standard port 25. In order to use this port, you will need to change the setting in your email program.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, go to:

Tools -> Accounts -> Properties -> Advanced

and change the Outgoing Server SMTP port from 25 to 26

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