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Remotely Accessing / Sending E-Mail (settings)
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19th of May, 2008

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Below are the general settings that any E-Mail program will need in order for you to send and receive E-Mail.

POP3 Host: your_domain.com
SMTP Host: your_domain.com
Username: Your user ID or POP3 account name (if you have multiple POP boxes).
Password: The password you chose for your account (or the password for the additional POP box).

NOTE: Many Internet Service Providers block the default SMTP port (port 25) to reduce Spam. If you are able to receive mail but have difficulty sending, change your SMTP port to port 26.

Normally you do not want to leave mail on the server. You should setup your email program to delete E-Mail from the server once it is downloaded.

NOTE: You may have to use your IP# as the POP3 and SMTP Host if the domain is in the process of being registered or transferred.

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