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  1. questionSetting up the Wishlist / Gift Registry Module
    This module extends the functionality of ShopSite by integrating a full featured wishlist / gift registry into ShopSite. Features include allowing your customers to create private or public lists, email the lists to friends, rank the products on the list, and have a checkout field that will aut ...

  2. questionAdmin Settings
    The admin section for this module can be reached by going to: http://www.your_domain.com/wishlist/admin/ Each setting in the admin section of the module is defined below: App Document Root: This is the directory off of your main www directory where the module was installed (e.g. /wishlist). Ba ...

  3. questionHow to Customize the Standalone Wishlist / Gift Registry Module
    If you want to customize the look and feel of the wishlist system, there are a few files you can edit to adjust headers, footers, etc... These files appear in the "wresources/templates/" directory off of your home directory in FTP or Fileman: headers/email-footer.txt - Text at the bottom of em ...

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